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Our Work

We've completed a diverse portfolio of projects. From workshop facilitation to communication systems, our work brings people together to share the importance of local forests for our environment, economy, and communities.


Communication Network

Working with the Maine TREE Foundation, we've developed a communication network of websites and social media channels to share the latest updates in Maine's Forest Community. Explore the network: 



Educational Programs

Project Learning Tree for Tree Farmers

January 2020


We co-developed and delivered three workshops designed to familiarize Maine Tree Farmers (family forest owners committed to sustainable forest stewardship) with Project Learning Tree Activities. Project Learning Tree is an award-winning environmental education program that focuses on teaching students the value of the world's forests This program engaged over 5 organizations and 30 participants...


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Window to the Woods

July 2020

A virtual adaptation of Main TREE Foundations annual Teachers' Tours, this three-week program engaged over 50 Maine educators, landowners, and industry professionals to introduce forestry topics to Maine teachers. Topics included woodland ownership, forest management, harvest systems, wood processing, and careers. In addition, the series featured 14 volunteer facilitators and guest speakers from logging, forestry, conservation, wood processing, and educational and academic backgrounds.


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Workshops and Professional Development 



We've partnered with various organizations to deliver continuing education opportunities for professional foresters and workshops for landowners and the general public.

  • Frequent Webinar and Field Tour Moderator




Feature Articles

Interpretive Signs


  • Forest Climate Change Science & Practice Forum, May 2020 - Cooperative Forestry Research Unit Meeting


Program Administration

Maine Tree Farm Committee

2018 - 2020

As the Maine Tree Farm Coordinator, Logan led day-to-day program administration, including volunteer support, database management, outreach, and event organization. He also led fundraising efforts, including donor appeals, grant writing, and clothing campaign. In addition, Logan was the lead organizer of the 2019 Maine Forestry Field Day, which drew over 200 participants and developed several grant-funded project initiatives. Projects included Project Learning Tree for Tree Farmers, Inspecting Forester Engagement Initiative, and Peer Networks and Family Forest Stewardship Hubs.

Maine TREE Media Management

2019 - Present

Starting as Programs and Outreach Associate in 2019 and transitioning to Media Manager at the start of 2021, Logan developed and manages Maine TREE Foundation's communication network, including their websites (design and maintenance), social media platforms, and electronic and print newsletters. Logan also led the development of key deliverables, including signage for the Holt Research Forest, A Harvest at the Holt video, and the Forest Ecology Research Network User Guide. He also documented the 2019 Forests of Maine Teachers' Tours and created the 2020 virtual adaptation, Window to the Woods.  

Maine Division - Society of American Foresters

2021 - Present

As the Division Manager, Logan provides administrative support to the Maine Division Executive Committee, including business management, outreach to members, and field tour and webinar coordination. In addition, he is on the planning team for the regional New England Society of American Annual Winter Meeting (to be held in March 2022).

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